I supervised and implemented below projects;

Strengthening Small Media Project in Pakistan – UNDOS- DRL

2017 – 2019

Project description : Led and successfully implemented a $1.2 program to strengthen small media outlets in Pakistan including websites, radio, newspapers, community tv etc. to increase their capacity to report social issues in small cities of Pakistan. Capacity building activities includes journalism, grants and financial trainings, small grants award, story production and mentoring, provision of physical and digital security upgrades.

Women Journalist Exchange Program to USA – US Embassy Islamabad

2017 – 2019

Led and supervised an exchange visit of more than two dozens Pakistani women journalists to USA, trainings, newsroom placement, story production, mentoring and follow up training activities for fellow female journalists in Pakistan.

Strengthening Journalism Programs in Universities in Pakistan - USDOS-DRL

Sep 2014 – Mar 2017

Project description : Led a successful $2 million+ dollar program to completely modernize five journalism schools at Pakistani universities in KPK, Balochistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan (individual capacity assessments, revised curricula, provision of modern teaching equipment, faculty training).

Supporting Democratic Processes in Pakistan - USDOS-DRL

2014 – 2016

Project description : Initiated a two-year program to improve government transparency and decrease official corruption by improving the capacity of local and district journalists in KPK, FATA, and Balochistan to cover governments at different levels. Editorial training focussed on accessing reliable government information and records, covering government budgets and finances and the effective use of Freedom of Information legislation. The program also pioneered the first data journalism boot camps in Pakistan and included follow-on story production grants, dialogues to promote increased openness to FOI requests by government officials and civil society engagement to increase support and calls for more government transparency.

Journalism Safety and Security Project - USDOS-PAS

Sep 2014 – Sep 2015

Project description : Designed up-to-date physical and digital security and psycho-social awareness training for Pakistani journalists. 30 Pakistani journalists were recruited and received train-the-trainer instruction so they could subsequently deliver the training courses to nearly 300 other journalists across the country. Permanent online security training materials were also developed and are hosted by the Pakistan Press Foundation website

See project Journalism Safety and Security Project - USDOS-PASS project

Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Digitization Project - USDOS-PAS

2013 – 2015

Project description : A project to provide the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation with equipment and staff training enabling it to digitize and preserve from destruction its aging analog audio historical archives

See project Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Digitization Project - USDOS-PASS project


Enabling Progressive Voices in Pakistan - USAID/OTI

2010 – 2014

Project description : A multi-year, multi-faceted program focused in KPK and FATA which included a vast array of editorial, technical, election, and security training for journalists, capacity building, infrastructural and training support to 11 press clubs, 5 government radio stations, and 3 university journalism schools as well as youth media festival and NatGeo photo camp initiatives

Training and Mentoring of Reporters Working on Information and Public Affairs Programs for Radio Khyber, FATA    OTI (USAID/DCHA)             


A one-year project to train FATA based radio journalists in journalism, radio features, radio editing, news stories and radio bulletin

FATA News Reporting Project         Ploughshares            


A one-year project for FATA based radio stations capacity building and providing radio and technical equipment’s to run radio stations

FATA Media Capacity Assessment Project OTI (USAID/DCHA) 


A one-year project for baseline assessment in FATA for media

FATA Radio Development Project   OTI (USAID/DCHA)      


A two-year project to build FATA first newsroom facility project