Social Media Rules 2021 in Pakistan

Asad Jan delivered a one day "Digital Media Awareness Workshop" to Peshawar based journalists and members of Khyber Union of Journalists. This project is funded by International Federation of Journalists and with support of National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Peshawar, on October 20, 2021.

Around 19 KHUJ members from Peshawar actively participated in this full-day training, intending to enhance reporting and digital security knowledge. This opportunity not only train and create awareness for KHUJ members but also provide non-member digital journalists a chance to mingle with KHUJ. This activity aware them of evolving and growing areas of journalism such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other digital platform including digital security, the aim of this training was to reskilling journalists to the evolving media landscape and to share best practices on professionalism and ethics in a new media environment. 

Proceeding towards the goal of the project that aims to enhance journalists’ skills in reporting and keeping in mind digital security practices to safely utilize digital platforms available to them specifically the social media tools. The project has been designed for the capacity building of the KHUJ members so that they can perform their journalistic duties efficiently and use digital journalism as a tool of modern journalism. This awareness session was taught to give the participants an idea about what digital security is and how they can apply the best practices while performing their professional routine duties.